Zensibia: UltraZen
Zensibia: UltraZen

Zensibia: UltraZen

Isabelle Lancray Paris
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20mL bottle


For the most sensitive, delicate or dry skin against inflammatory processes and for the regeneration and protection of sensitive skin. Organic based, free of chemical irritants. An all in one serum for face, neck and eye area. Through the nano particle technology, skin barrier is restored. Provide continuous hydration and nourishment for the skin.

Nature Inside

  • No raw materials from animal origin
  • No mineral oils or silicone oils
  • No ethoxylated raw materials
  • No chemical preservation
  • No synthetical fragrances or colouring agents
  • Preferential use of vegetable raw materials from ecological cultivation
  • Preferential use of raw materials from fair trade origin, if possible


      Apply daily in the morning and/or evening with a soft massage.

      Active Ingredients

      Pomegranate Phytosterol
      Kudzu Bean 
      Synthetic Peptide
      Probiotic Glucan
      Rice Germ Oil
      Ximenia Oil