Zensibia: NeoZen Mask
Zensibia: NeoZen Mask

Zensibia: NeoZen Mask

Isabelle Lancray Paris
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50mL tube


Soft “leave on mask” against all kind of reddening. The active ingredients repairs, reinforces, and protects the skin barrier. It is anti-inflammatory, vein stabilizing and subtle illuminating effect. Green and white pigments provide an immediate brighter complexion and compensate red irritation instantly.

Nature Inside

  • No raw materials from animal origin
  • No mineral oils or silicon oils
  • No ethoxylated raw materials
  • No chemical preservation
  • No synthetical fragrances or colouring agents
  • Preferential use of vegetable raw materials from ecological cultivation
  • Preferential use of raw materials from fair trade origin, if possible


        Apply 1–2 times per week as a mask and leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse off with water OR moisten with BASIC Calming Lotion (ref. 1.18015) and work in until completely absorbed. The mask can also be applied thinly as a skincare cream. The skin appears even, redness is reduced. Make-up can be applied.

        Active Ingredients

        Pomegranate Phytosterol
        Synthetic Peptide
        Probiotic Glucan
        Rice Germ Oil
        Ximenia Oil