Cutanova Organics: Herbal Time Serum

Cutanova Organics: Herbal Time Serum

Dr. Rimpler
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15mL bottle


A creamy and firming regenerating anti-aging serum with plant extracts that firms the skin and stimulate the skin rejuvenation. Improves the skin elasticity.

Nature Inside

  • No raw materials from animal origin
  • No mineral oils or silicon oils
  • No ethoxylated raw materials
  • No chemical preservation
  • No synthetical fragrances or colouring agents
  • Preferential use of vegetable raw materials from ecological cultivation
  • Preferential use of raw materials from fair trade origin, if possible


      Apply in the morning and evening, on the cleansed skin, underneath the usual care cream and gently massage in.

      Active Ingredients

      Moringa oil
      Meadowfoam seed oil
      Ximenia Americana oil
      Balloon plant
      Black currant
      Maca extract